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Principal Investigator: Gopal Khanal

Funding year: 2022

Main objectives:

  • To understand the effects of trans-boundary barrages on river habitats for Ganges river dolphins along the Nepal-India border, in the Karnali-Ghaghara, Narayani-Gandak, and Sapta
    Koshi/Kosi river systems.
  • To assess responses of Ganges river dolphins to alterations in river discharge dynamics and geomorphological changes upstream and downstream of these barrages in Nepal and India.
  • To identify similarities and differences in the operations of the three barrages that allow for differential population persistence and river dolphin movement through barrages.
  • To increase awareness of barrage authorities about adaptive and ecologically oriented management of trans-boundary barrages.

Main outcomes:
To follow.

To follow.