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Some documents are formal research protocols endorsed by the IWC, some are workshop report recommendations, and others are 'how to' guides on IWC processes. For ease of use, they are divided into three separate sections: research, conservation and management; funding; and IT. 

Cetacean Research, Conservation & Management

The IWC has developed guidance on many issues related to cetacean research, conservation and management. The IWC also collaborates with third parties to generate and communicate best-practice. Guidance covers issues ranging from genetic analysis, photo ID and assessment of body condition to safe and effective response to entangled whales. 

IWC-endorsed documents:

Third party collaborations

Funding, Research Grants & Tenders 

The IWC operates a number of different funding mechanisms including for scientific research, meeting participation and aboriginal subsistence whaling. 


This section contains information on submitting and requesting data held in IWC databases.