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The Convention

The International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling was signed in 1946 and it is the International Whaling Commission’s founding document.

The Convention includes a legally binding Schedule which, amongst other things, sets out catch limits for commercial and aboriginal subsistence whaling.  The Schedule is an integral part of the Convention, but its provisions, for example catch limits, may be amended by the Commission.  In practice, amendments to the Schedule are almost always agreed at the Commission’s biennial meetings.

Rules of Procedure

The Commission’s Rules of Procedure provide the framework for, amongst other things, the conduct of biennial meetings, decision making, the role of the Commission’s officers.  Separate documents also describe the Commission’s Financial Regulations and Rules of Debate.  Download: Rules of Procedure

Headquarters Agreement

The Headquarters Agreement sets out the relationship between the Government of the United Kingdom and the IWC.