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IWC hosts international biodiversity group

This week the IWC will host the 14th meeting of the Liaison Group of Biodiversity-related Conventions. 

Biological diversity is essential for the health of the planet.  Many species and ecosystems are threatened with extinction and concerted, collaborative action is needed if irreversible impacts are to be avoided. 

The Liaison Group of Biodiversity-related Conventions aims to develop that concerted and collaborative action by bringing together all the inter-governmental conventions whose mandate includes protection of biodiversity. 

First proposed in 2004, there are now eight member organisations sharing information and experiences, identifying and enhancing synergies, and maximising impact by working together.  Led by the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), their mandates include plant, wetland and migratory species, cultural and natural heritage, trade in endangered species and plant genetic resources.      

As the international authority on whales, their status, management and conservation, the IWC was invited to join   the group in 2016.  This month’s meeting will take place over two days at the Cambridge Headquarters of the IWC. 

A key item on the agenda is addressing the process to develop a global diversity framework to run from 2020 when the current Strategic Plan of 20 biodiversity targets (also referred to as the Aichi Targets) will expire.  The BLG members will discuss  the relevance of their individual mandates to the collective  process of updating the Aichi targets, which were agreed in 2011. The new, post-2020 framework will build upon work undertaken since 2011 to address the underlying causes of biodiversity loss and raise awareness of the issue.   

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