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Workshop: In-depth Assessment for western North Pacific Minke

13 Aug 2023

Members of the Scientific Committee are meeting in Greece for a technical workshop as part of an In-depth Assessment for minke whales in the western North Pacific.




The IWC welcomes new Executive Secretary, Martha Rojas Urrego 

7 Aug 2023

Following a highly competitive recruitment process, the IWC has appointed Martha Rojas-Urrego as the new Executive Secretary.

First ever Extinction Alert from the IWC: the vaquita porpoise

7 Aug 2023

The plight of the vaquita porpoise has led to the first ever IWC Extinction Alert, a factual assessment that vaquita still have a chance - if a gillnet ban is immediately and effectively enforced.

Annual IWC Pacific Research Cruises Sets Sail

3 Aug 2023

The 14th international research cruise in the IWC-POWER series has departed from Shiogama, Japan.   

Contract awarded: Survey of Indigenous and Human Rights Instruments

2 Aug 2023

The Aboriginal Subsistence Whaling Committee of the IWC has awarded a contract to conduct a survey of international indigenous and human rights instruments. 

 From population assessments to pingers and pearls: Scientific Committee reports on a wide-ranging meeting

30 May 2023

The report of the 2023 IWC Scientific Committee Meeting is available now and provides a comprehensive record of the group's research, discussions and recommendations. 

Tripartite entanglement response training at the Pelagos Sanctuary

22 May 2023

The latest entanglement response training workshop has taken place in Genoa, Italy. 

Emergency Response and Capacity Building on the agenda at IWC Strandings Workshop

11 May 2023

The Strandings Initiative Expert Panel has concluded an intensive but successful 3-day workshop in Venice. The workshop focused on two priority areas: emergency response and capacity building.

Starting today: the IWC Scientific Committee meeting

24 Apr 2023

The IWC Scientific Committee begins its annual meeting today. Due to Covid-19, this is the first time in four years that members of the Committee are able to gather in-person. 

Franciscana aerial surveys underway in Uruguay

22 Mar 2023

In March, a multi-agency team began the field work stage of the project "Franciscana dolphins aerial surveys in Uruguay: overcoming a challenge".

IWC General Principles for Whale Watching: additional support for operators, regulators & travellers

8 Mar 2023

The IWC has published new General Principles for Whale Watching, a 4-page summary that forms part of a wider package of IWC work to assess and minimise the impacts of whale watching on individual animals, populations and their habitat.

Seismic survey questionnaire

21 Feb 2023

A new IWC survey aims to build a clearer picture of the scale, location and nature of marine seismic surveys conducted for hydrocarbon exploration. The survey will ask government agencies, private companies, research institutions and non-governmental organisations to provide information on survey activity at any point in the next five years.

Published today: Chair’s Report of the 2022 IWC Meeting

21 Dec 2022

The report of the IWC68 meeting is available now.  This was the first gathering of the Commission for four years, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  A combination of sub-committee and plenary sessions, the meeting was held over nine days and the Chair’s Report summarises the discussions and outcomes.     

El Salvador joins the Global Whale Entanglement Response Network

13 Dec 2022

Los Cóbamos, Sonsonate was the location of El Salvador’s first large whale entanglement response workshop, held last month.  The training was facilitated by the IWC and conducted by members of the Mexican Whale Disentanglement Network (RABEN) who also provided specialist equipment. 

Focus on collaboration and coordination at FAO Regional Secretariat’s Organisation

30 Nov 2022

The IWC is participating in a second regional consultation of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation’s (FAO) Regional Secretariats’ Network, taking place in Accra, Ghana this week.

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