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New publication: IWC Scientific Committee’s 2019 annual meeting report

The Supplement of the Journal of Cetacean Research and Management Issue 21 is published today.

This Supplement reports on the annual meeting of the IWC’s Scientific Committee, a group of approximately 150 of the world’s leading experts in wide-ranging subjects, from cetacean biology and population dynamics to disease, stranding and habitat degradation.  The report covers the 2019 meeting and contains a detailed record of meeting discussions and recommendations, including a forward work programme and subject-specific annexes.  It is a companion publication to the peer-reviewed Journal Of Cetacean Research and Management.

The 2019 Scientific Committee meeting was held in Nairobi, Kenya, last May, and was perhaps most notable due to its efforts to increase engagement and accessibility for scientists and organisations in Africa and beyond, who may not have previously attended IWC meetings. 

This year’s Scientific Committee meeting is also notable, as it will be held virtually.  Like many other organisations, the Scientific Committee has had to adjust and take an innovative approach to ensure work continues despite the Covid 19 pandemic.  Originally scheduled to take place in Cambridge, UK, the meeting will keep its original two-week slot in May and conduct business, as far as possible, via a series of remote sessions.  Whilst some topics will need to be delayed until the 2021 meeting, the Committee aims to complete as much work as possible this May, and progress will be recorded as usual in its next report, to be published in 2021 as a Supplement to Issue 22 of the Journal of Cetacean Research and Management.

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