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Entanglement Response Training for Greenland

The latest entanglement response training has concluded in Nuuk, Greenland.  Recognising the opportunity provided through the IWC, and an apparent recent upward trend in entanglements, the Government of Greenland requested, organised and sponsored a three day training, comprising one day in the classroom and two at sea.
Led by IWC Technical Advisor, the workshop was attended by 18 trainees including wildlife officers, fishermen and subsistence whalers.  The event enabled them to discuss together for the first time, what is known of entanglements along the coast of Greenland.  One immediate priority issue appears to be coastal pound nets, and the group was able to develop a strategy that will hopefully alleviate the negative impacts on both whales and fishing gear.
The training was organised by the Ministry of Fisheries, Hunting and Agriculture, with support from the Greenland Fisheries Licence Control.  The IWC also provided some support through the voluntary entanglement fund.
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