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Next steps: Conservation Management Plan for eastern South Pacific southern right whales


The Conservation Management Plan (CMP) for the eastern South Pacific southern right whale has successfully concluded its fifth coordination meeting in Santiago, Chile.

This population is classified as critically endangered by the IUCN and face a range of threats including entanglement in fishing gear, ship strikes, noise pollution, habitat modification and prey depletion.  

The IWC endorsed a CMP in 2012 and this has facilitated several scientific research, conservation and capacity building activities. In recent years, the IWC has conducted entanglement response training, teaching safe and effective protocols for disentangling whales from fishing gear and marine debris, advised on sustainable whale watching and implemented a passive-acoustic monitoring programme to better understand breeding areas.

The signatories of this CMP are the range states Chile and Peru and delegates from both governments attended the fifth and most recent coordination meeting, as well as other stakeholders. Progress was reviewed and a new implementation plan developed for 2025-26. 

The meeting was held at the end of May and will report to the Conservation Committee of the IWC which meets virtually in September, before an in-person meeting of the Commission which will be held in Lima, Perú.