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Media Resources

The IWC welcomes enquiries from the media.  As the international, inter-governmental organisation with responsibility for conservation of whales and management of whaling since 1946, we hold a significant amount of information which we are happy to share.



IWC News

On World Wildlife Day, scientists highlight the threat of cetacean extinctions - and importance of acting now

3 mars 2021

On World Wildlife Day and as the IWC reaches its 75th birthday, members of the Scientific Committee are raising awareness of the need for increased action to prevent extinction of cetacean species.  As part of education and outreach efforts, a new section of the IWC website has been developed, containing information about extinction and the threats facing whales, dolphins and porpoises today. 


Call for Applications – the Small Cetaceans Voluntary Fund

18 fev 2021

New funding is available for scientists with research proposals focusing on conservation of dolphins and porpoises. The IWC Small Cetaceans Voluntary Fund (SCVF) has launched its fourth call for tenders thanks to generous contributions from IWC member governments and non-governmental organisations. 

Published: FAO technical guidelines to reduce and prevent bycatch

29 jan 2021

The Fisheries' and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) has published Technical Guidelines to Reduce Bycatch of Marine Mammals in Capture Fisheries.  This detailed document has taken two years to produce and received support and input from the IWC's Bycatch Mitigation Initiative (BMI).  

Successful response to entangled Arabian Sea humpback

26 jan 2021

Teamwork has resulted in the successful disentanglement of a humpback whale from a highly endangered population found only in the Arabian Sea.

75 years of the IWC

20 jan 2021

The IWC has started the new year with the introduction of a new logo, commemorating 2021 as the 75th anniversary of the organisation.