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Tuesday 12th May 2020 to Sunday 24th May 2020


Annual IWC Scientific Committee 2020, Cambridge, UK


Please find below the timetable for the Scientific Committee (SC), Conservation Committee Planning Group (CCPG), Bureau and Working Group on Operational Effectiveness (WG-OE) meetings and other meetings which were due to be held in Cambridge, UK, 9-26 May 2020.



ASI Abundance Pre-meeting (limited numbers)

11 May

E Noise Pre-meeting (limited numbers)

11 May

SC Plenary Days 1&2

12&13 May

SC Sub Groups

14-20 May

Tentative rest day

21 May

SC Plenary

22-24 May

SC Convenors’ Meeting

Morning of 25 May

CCPG – Conservation Committee Planning Group

Morning of 25 May

Joint CC/SC Meeting

Afternoon of 25 May

Bureau meeting

Evening of 25 May

WG-OE – Working Group on Operational Effectiveness meeting

26 May


In line with guidance from the UK government limiting in-person interaction, and the introduction of travel restrictions by many governments, the in-person meetings to be held in Cambridge in May cannot go ahead as originally planned.

In response to this difficult situation, the Chair and Vice-chair of the SC and the Secretariat have decided they must conduct the SC meeting, as far as possible, through a series of virtual sessions. There will be no in-person meeting in Cambridge in May, but members of the SC are asked to hold the dates as originally planned for their attendance. SC members are also asked to continue work on papers for submission to the SC in accordance with existing deadlines.

The IWC is monitoring the situation as it develops - more information on will be published here in due course. In the meantime, please monitor the situation in your own country and inform the IWC Secretariat of any significant developments - and please contact us if you have any questions.


Document Submission & Download

Report of SC68A Nairobi, 2019 is here:

Document upload and download is available via our portal at, a login will be required.

Scientific Committee Sub-Groups

SC Agenda available in due course


All participants will be required to register for the meeting as normal.

Please visit the IWC Portal here to register for SC68B

SC68B Registration: Step-by-step instructions.

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Ensure you have a passport style photo attached to your profile. It must be good quality, taken in the last 12 months and only show your head and shoulders. You can upload this at and click ‘change photo’ on the left hand side.
    • You will be given the opportunity to crop the photo during upload.
    • If you do not provide a suitable photo, you will be unable to collect a badge at the meeting

  3. Proceed to the meeting registration page at
  4. Select the type of registration e.g. National Delegate
  5. Ensure your contact details are correct
    • If you are attending on behalf of your country, select your country
    • If you are an IP select ‘I do not represent a country’ and in the ‘Organisation Representing’ field type ‘INVITED PARTICIPANT’

    • Under ‘Country Representing’
  6. Set your privacy options
    • We now have an online directory of participants available at This is only accessible to registered delegates and is designed to aid with networking.
    • If you would like to make your email address or photo available to other delegates, or would like to provide a short bio about yourself, select these options.

  7. Select which meetings you will be attending.
    • Please only select meetings that you will actually attend as this is used for calculating room sizes. Documents for each meeting will be available to all delegates regardless of which options are selected.

  8. Complete the questions
  9. Read the final instructions
  10. Click ‘I Agree, Complete Registration’