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Media Guidelines for IWC meetings

The purpose of these guidelines is to grant as much access as possible to members of the media whilst also safeguarding the working environment, security and privacy of everyone attending the meeting. 

  1. IWC Media ID badges must be worn and clearly visible throughout the meeting venue at all times.
  2. Camera crews and photographers may film freely in the meeting room during the Opening Plenary Session. At the end of this first session they are required to move to the specified camera platforms.  Cameras are required to remain on the platforms during the rest of the meeting.  We will allow movement between the platforms wherever possible but, at no time can camera positions block or infringe upon the working space of delegates.  
  3. Flash photography is permitted during the Opening Plenary Session only.
  4. Live broadcasting is permitted but must not disrupt the meeting. Therefore, no voice-over commentary is permitted
  5. Interviews, filming and recording may be carried out in the areas adjacent to the meeting room (but not immediately outside the entry and exit doors), and in other public areas of the venue.
  6. Media representatives are not permitted to make statements or ask questions during sessions.
  7. Phone calls must not be made in the meeting room.
  8. Failure to comply with these or any other rules that the Commission may adopt will result in withdrawal of accreditation and ejection from the meeting venue. 

Please Note: 

The Secretariat cannot arrange media interviews with delegates.  However we will try to facilitate by passing on interview requests to the relevant delegations.

If a quiet space is required for interviews please let us know and we will try to arrange this.