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IWC67 | Florianopolis, Brazil

Tuesday 4th September 2018 to Friday 14th September 2018


Meeting venue and timetable

The venue will be Costao do Santinho Resort, Florianopolis, Brazil.

Day Time Meeting
Tuesday 4 Sept


Bureau Meeting
Wednesday 5 Sept


Operational Effectiveness WG



Special Permit Programmes SWG



Bycatch SWG

Thursday 6 Sept 09:00 Aboriginal Subsistence Whaling Sub-committee

Working Group on Whale Killing Methods and Welfare Issues


Budgetary Sub-committee

Friday 7 Sept 08:00

Infractions Sub-Committee

  09:00 Conservation Committee
Saturday 8 Sept 09:00 Finance and Administration Committee
  tbc Bureau Meeting
Sunday 9 Sept 10:00 Private Commissioners’ Meeting
  15:00 Bureau Meeting
  15:00 Credentials Committee Meeting
Monday-Friday 10-14 Sept 09:00

67th Annual Commission Meeting

(Opening Session starts at 10.00am)



All meeting documents are publicly available via our meeting portal and the Plenary meeting discussions can also be followed live on youtube (see below).

To access all meeting documents, please register via our portal. Registration is quick and free of charge.

Document archives for previous IWC meetings are also accessible, as are published reports including the report of the last Commission meeting in 2016.  These can be found online via our archive.

Paper copies of documents will not be provided at the meeting


Registration is via our portal. If you do not have an account, you will be required to create one before registering for the meeting.

Observers must pay online. No payments will be accepted on-site and admission will be refused.



All delegations and observer organisations are required to supply credentials in accordance with the requirements of the Commission’s Rule of Procedure D which states:

1.(a) The names of all representatives of member and non-member governments and observer organisations to any meeting of the Commission or committees, as specified in the Rules of Procedure of the Commission, Technical and Scientific Committees, shall be notified to the Secretary in writing before their participation and/or attendance at each meeting. For member governments, the notification shall indicate the Commissioner, his/her alternate(s) and advisers, and the head of the national delegation to the Scientific Committee and any alternate(s) as appropriate.  

The written notification shall be made by governments or the heads of organisations as the case may be.  In this context, ‘governments’ means the Head of State, the Head of Government, the Minister of Foreign Affairs (including: on behalf of the Minister of Foreign Affairs), the Minister responsible for whaling or whale conservation (including: on behalf of this Minister), the Head of the Diplomatic Mission accredited to the seat of the Commission or to the host country of the meeting in question, or the Commissioner appointed under Rule A.1.

(b) Credentials for a Commissioner appointed for the duration of a meeting must be issued as in D.1(a).  Thereafter, until the end of the meeting in question, that Commissioner assumes all the powers of a Commissioner appointed under A.1., including that of issuing credentials for his/her delegation.

(c) In the case of members of delegations who will attend the Biennial Commission Meeting and its associated meetings, the notification may be made en bloc by submitting a list of the members who will attend any of these meetings.

(d) The Secretary, or his/her representative, shall report on the received notifications at the beginning of a meeting.

(e) In case of any doubt as to the authenticity of notification or in case of apparent delay in their delivery, the Chair of the meeting shall convene an ad hoc group of no more than one representative from any Contracting Government present to decide upon the question of participation in the meeting.

Commissioners (or their alternates) and Heads of Observer delegations must present original copies of credentials at the meeting. Advance notification by email is helpful but will not replace the need to provide original documents.

Letters of Credentials must indicate: (1) The identity of the Commissioner; (2) The identify of any Alternate Commissioners; (3) the specific meeting to which the credentials apply (i.e. the 67th Meeting of the International Whaling Commission taking place in 2018); (4) and they must be signed by the Head of State, Head of Government, Minister responsible for Foreign Affairs, Whaling, or Whale Conservation (including on behalf of the Minister), the Head of the Diplomatic Mission accredited to the UK or Brazil, or the permanent IWC Commissioner.

Instructions for Opening Statements

Contracting Governments and observer organisations are welcome to provide opening statements. Excepting for Governments which have recently adhered to the Convention, time is insufficient during plenary for allowing statements to be read out. Instead, statements should be submitted to the Secretariat no later than 17.00Hrs local time on Monday 10 September 2018. They will be numbered and placed on the Meeting portal.  Following the meeting they will be retained as part of the Commission's archives.
Opening statements should not exceed three pages in length and their content shall be relevant to matters under consideration by the Commission.

Video Stream

We will be running a live online video stream during plenary. Due to external factors, such as internet connection, we cannot guarantee its reliability.

The live stream and any recordings can be viewed via

Hotel Booking Arrangements

To make a hotel reservation, please click here. If you encounter any problems, reservations also can be made directly by e-mail ( or by phone +55. 48. 3261 1000

  • Single Room R$571 plus R$35 in tax (including breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Double Room R$819 plus R$50 in tax (including breakfast, lunch and dinner)

The default setting is for 2 people on the booking form so to get the single room price, users need to select 1 person on the drop down. The IWC rate only applies from 4th to the 14th of September.

Meeting room bookings can be made by contacting Luis Cereghini, Event Manager

Visa requirements  

The following website explains the general process for obtaining a visa to Brazil:

Visas can be pre-authorized, you will need contact and provide:

  1. Full name
  2. Nationality
  3. Status (whether the applicant is a government official or a diplomat, for example)
  4. The name/location of the Brazilian Embassy or Brazilian Consular Office where the participant will apply for the visa
  5. Type of travel document (e.g. passport, civil identity card etc)
  6. Number of travel document (if available)

Please note that nationals from Australia, Canada (starting from 18/01/2018), Japan (starting from 11/01/2018) and the US (starting from 25/01/2018) who hold ordinary passports may apply for their visa electronically at

Download: Visa Requirements


Hercílio Luz International Airport – Downtown Florianópolis.

International links via Sao Paulo or Rio

Fontanella Turismo who are able to arrange the transfer service, by the e-mail

The guests who will stay at Costão do Santinho can also book his shuttle service directly with the hotel, by e-mailing

Electric sockets and adapters

There are two types of electric socket in use at the resort, the Type N and the Euro type, however the type N is the most common and will be in use within the meeting rooms for charging of devices/laptops. This socket is relatively uncommon so please ensure you have the correct adapter for your region - the Secretariat does not carry any spares. See for more details.

Yellow Fever

In May 2018 Florianopolis was added to the WHO global risk area for Yellow Fever, so all those travelling there for IWC67 are strongly recommended to get vaccinated for this if not already. As this disease is spread by mosquito bite, please also ensure you include appropriate insect-repellent.

Advice for travellers from different Countries will vary, so please contact your local health/medical authority for further information.