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Finance and Administration Committee (F&A)

Chair: Ryan Wulff, USA

The F&A Committee is responsible for budget, efficiency, effectiveness and governance of the organisation.  To cover this broad remit, the F&A Committee operates a number of sub-groups. Some are permanent and ongoing, for example the Budgetary Sub-committee.  Others are established for a period of time, in order to resolve or progress a particular issue.  Current examples are the Working Group to Support Governments of Limited Means, and the Intersessional Group on Strengthening IWC Financing.

In recent years the F&A Committee has led a number of structural and procedural changes.  The IWC meeting has moved from annual to biennial: a new Bureau has been formed to oversee both the longer intersessional period and the broadening intersessional work programme; and a series of measures have been introduced to make the IWC a more transparent organisation.  New procedures introduced financial transparency, an online archiving programme has been created to allow free and open access to much of the IWC's historic and scientific  archive.

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