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Government of Japan’s consultation on Small-type Coastal Whaling

At the 65th meeting of the IWC in 2014, Japan submitted a proposal to permit small-type coastal whaling of minke whales from the Okhotsk Sea-West Pacific stock.  This proposal was not adopted by the Commission, and Japan indicated that views of individual member governments on this proposal would be explored intersessionally.

In January 2015, Japan circulated through the IWC Secretariat, a consultation questionnaire to all IWC member governments and accredited observers.  Responses were invited through the IWC Secretariat by the end of April 2015.  To maximise transparency, all responses will be available to view on this webpage (unless the respondent is opposed). 

Please note that this consultation is open to IWC member governments and accredited IWC observers.  If you do not fall into one of these categories, the most effective way to voice your opinion is via a non-governmental organisation whose views align with your own, and who, as an IWC accredited observer, will be part of the consultation process. 

Click here to read the letter from the Government of Japan, outlining the purpose of the questionnaire.

Click here to read the questionnaire circulated to all member governments and accredited observers.