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Data Availability

The Scientific Committee and the Data Availability protocol


The data availability agreement is overseen by the Data Availability Group (DAG) comprising the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Scientific Committee and the Head of Science.

Primary Contact and correspondence should be with the Vice-Chair, Robert Suydam ( Please also send copies to the Chair of SC, Caterina Fortuna ( and the Secretariat Head of Science (

There are two data availability procedures:

Procedure A: this applies to data required for the RMP, AWMP and to provide advice on aboriginal subsistence whaling catch limits before the relevant SLAs have been completed.

Procedure B: this applies to data required for analyses deemed important in providing advice to the Commission other than catch limits (e.g. on the status of stocks not subject to IWC regulated whaling).

The full Rules can be downloaded below:


Under Procedure A, there are deadlines for papers using those data to be submitted to the Scientific Committee. For the 2010 meeting the deadlines apply: to RMP work on common minke whales; AWMP work on eastern gray whales. They are as follows:

Type of paper Time before  Deadline
Final datasets available 6 months 30 November 2011
Papers using novel methods 3 months 28 February 2012
Papers using standard methods 2 months 30 March 2012
Papers responding to those above 1 month 30 April 2012



Summary lists of the data available can be downloaded below. Applications for such data shall be copied to the DAG.



Applications made under Procedure A should be made to the contact persons identified in the summary files provided above. Applications made under Procedure B should follow the protocols provided below (if no Protocol is listed contact the DAG).


At present, these are the agreed protocols for approaching the following bodies for data available under Procedure B. Right click link and choose 'Save target as..' to download.

Title Link
Protocol for access to samples/data from the Institute of Cetacean Research (ICR), Tokyo, Japan (JCRM 6 (suppl.): 56-7 ICR
Protocol for access to samples/data from the Cetacean Research Center (CRC), National Fisheries Research and Development Institute, Korea,  (JCRM 6 (suppl.):57) CRC
Protocol for access to data from the University of Auckland UAuckland
Protocol for access to samples/data from the National Research Institute of Far Seas Fisheries (NRIFSF), Fisheries Research Agency, Japan, for data availability (JCRM 6 (suppl.):57) NRIFSF



For the successful operation of the agreement, certain conditions must be met that ensure the rights of the data holders as detailed in the Rules available for downloading above. An example of the standard agreement letter can be downloaded here:

Agreement letter (Word Doc) (47Kb)