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Intersessional groups are established annually to ensure the Committee can successfully complete its full agenda at each SC meeting. These group work throughout the year and provide updates at annual SC meetings. There are three categories of intersessional groups:

  1. Steering Groups (SG): these are groups that have been set up to ensure that particular meetings, workshops or identified pieces of work are completed by the next SC meeting. They have the authority to make decisions on behalf of the Committee within the context of their terms of reference (e.g. meeting budget spends, participants, agreements on parameters for analyses). Numbers are limited and members agreed at the meeting although the Convenor may request additional members or respond to late requests to be members. The expected outcomes will be either a workshop/meeting report or an analytical paper.
  2. Intersessional Correspondence Groups (ICG): these are groups that have been set up to ensure progress on particular topics within the intersessional period. Membership is more flexible and open.
  3. Advisory Groups (AG): these are occasional groups established by the Committee to provide scientific and technical issues on specific issues if requested by a Contracting Government.

The currently established correspondence groups, terms of reference and memberships can be found below.