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In November, the Scientific Committee is holding a virtual workshop on the new Pollution 2025 initiative which is focused on cumulative effects and multiple stressors.

The Scientific Committee has been concerned about the potential impact of chemical pollutants on cetaceans since the early 1980s and this is the latest in a series of programmes studying chemical pollution and its potential effect on cetaceans.  These initiatives have progressed from examining tissue concentrations for priority pollutants in individual animals, to developing a web-based computer model to estimate their effects at population level.

Pollution 2025 is setting out a multi-disciplinary, ‘One Health’ approach, recognising that the health of people, animals and our environment are all closely connected, and that pollutants can be just one component of multiple stressors. 

The November workshop will review studies and new information on cumulative effects and multiple stressors, and consider methods of assessment, as well as looking at case studies and the scope to transfer approaches between different species and populations.

The workshop will take place over three sessions and its conclusions will be reported to the Scientific Committee at its next meeting in May 2022.

Learn more about the meeting.