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Scientific Research

This section contains information on the IWC’s long-standing scientific research programme. Including:

  • Explanations of the structure, activities and meetings of the Scientific Committee, and a link to the Scientific Committee Handbook.
  • Long-term, ongoing work to understand the status of whale populations, including abundance estimates, stock structure and health.
  • Research programmes including funding opportunities and information about the IWC-SORP and IWC-POWER international research cruises.
  • Links to reports endorsed by the Scientific Committee including the record of discussions and recommendations agreed at their annual meeting, expert workshops and the IWC’s scientific, peer-reviewed journal, Journal of Cetacean Research and Management.

Scientific Committee

Since 1955, the IWC has gathered world-leading experts to discuss the latest research in a range of fields related to cetacean science. The Scientific Committee provides comprehensive scientific advice to inform the Commission's policy-making.

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