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The IWC welcomes enquiries from the media. As the inter-governmental organisation with responsibility for management of whaling and conservation of whales since 1946, we hold a significant amount of information which we are pleased to share.

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Latest news

Vacancy at IWC Headquarters: Editorial Assistant

3 Oct 2022

The IWC is seeking an Editorial Assistant to work on the long-standing, peer-reviewed Journal of Cetacean Research and Management (JCRM).

IWC-POWER research cruise sets sail

4 Ago 2022

The 12th international research cruise in the IWC-POWER series embarked today from Shiogama.   This is the latest stage in a long-term programme to determine the status of large whale populations found in North Pacific waters, some of which have not been surveyed for several decades.

The cruise programme is an international collaboration aiming to provide essential information, enabling scientists to understand whether conservation threats exist for particular species and locations and if so, what measures might address these threats.

The objectives for this year’s cruise are broadly similar to previous years and include providing information for ongoing IWC assessments of North Pacific sei, humpback and gray whales in terms of abundance, distribution and stock structure. 

The duration of each cruise is approximately 60 days and this voyage is scheduled to return to port on September 30.  By the time the vessel has travelled to and from the area of study, approximately 45-50 days remain for research.  The scientists on board work from one hour after sunrise to one hour before sunset, making the most of the opportunity and the daylight.  Between 70 and 90 nautical miles are covered each day that the vessel is in the research area.

The research vessel, Yushin Maru No. 2, is provided by the Government of Japan and the long-term scientific programme has been designed and approved by the IWC’s Scientific Committee and its 88 member governments.  The Government of Japan is no longer a member of the IWC but co-operation continues in a number of research areas.    

A report of the cruise will be presented to the Scientific Committee of the IWC at its annual meeting in Spring 2022.

To read more about the IWC-POWER programme click here.

Click here to be taken to the IWC-POWER image gallery.

Report of the 2022 Scientific Committee Meeting available now.

12 Jul 2022

The committee provides scientific advice to the Commission. Topics on the agenda at this year’s meeting included assessments of specific population abundances, structures and status, ecosystem modelling, environmental issues and human impacts such as ship strikes and bycatch.

Bycatch and illegal fishing on the agenda of a new, international collaboration

21 Jun 2022

In June, the IWC will participate in a new, global initiative to increase co-ordination and co-operation amongst regional fisheries bodies.

Brazil hosts Conservation Management Plan Workshops for two vulnerable populations in the southwest Atlantic 

30 May 2022

In June, the IWC will hold two workshops to progress IWC Conservation Management Plans. The first will focus on the Southwest Atlantic population of the Southern Right Whale and the second on the franciscana dolphin.  Each is a 2-day event and both will be held in Curitiba, Brazil.

Scientific Committee Implementation Review workshop

25 May 2022

Members of the IWC Scientific Committee are meeting to assess new information on specific whale populations and consider whether this requires the group to conduct further work, specifically new computer simulation trials.

Third virtual meeting of the IWC Scientific Committee begins

25 Abr 2022

The IWC Scientific Committee begins its annual meeting today.   This will be the third virtual gathering of the Committee since the start of the global pandemic in 2020, and the Committee has worked hard to minimise the impact of Covid-19 on its busy and challenging agenda.

IWC workshop: the value of whales to the ecosystem

17 Mar 2022

In April, the IWC is holding a workshop on the Socio-Economic Values of the Contribution of Cetaceans to Ecosystem Functioning.  Guest speakers and participants include social scientists and economists as well as specialists in marine ecology and cetacean biology.  

Climate Change Workshop report is published

7 Mar 2022

In December, the Scientific Committee held the fifth in a series of workshops on climate change.  An expert group gathered virtually to review the latest scientific research and assess both observed and predicted effects of climate change on cetaceans, including on their prey and habitats.

75 years of the IWC

1 Dic 2021

The IWC commemorates its 75th anniversary on December 2nd 2021.  The Commission and its wider network of collaborators, supporters and observers will again come together virtually to reflect on an evolutionary 75 year journey and the challenges faced today and into the future.

Fifth IWC Workshop on Climate Change and Cetaceans will focus on increased efforts and collaboration

26 Nov 2021

The fifth in a series of climate change workshops begins on 29 Nov.  Reflecting the importance of the subject, it is the first IWC expert workshop to be live streamed on the Commission's YouTube channel.