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The Bureau is a group of seven IWC Commissioners elected to oversee the work of the IWC during the intersessional period. Its role is administrative and it was created in 2012 when Commission meetings moved from annual to biennial, extending the intersessional period. The Bureau is led by the IWC Chair, and also includes the IWC Vice-chair and the Chair of the Finance and Administration (F&A) Committee. The remaining membership varies, but aims to reflect and represent the diversity of the 88 member governments in terms of regional balance and range of views held.  Membership is also staggered to provide both familiarity and continuity, and ensure effective decision-making.

The Bureau members for 2022-24 are Republic of Guinea  (IWC Chair), Australia (IWC Vice-chair), USA (Chair of F&A), and Argentina, Belgium, Ghana and St Lucia.

The group meets regularly during the intersessional period in order to strengthen the coordination and communication of the Commission’s work plan.  From 2022 onwards, meetings are virtual other than during the biennial Commission meeting.    

The Bureau also aims to take the burden of process away from the biennial Commission meetings. It handles the pre-meeting preparation and provides increased support to the Chair. It also receives some of the financial and administrative information previously dealt with during Commission meetings. 

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