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MAY 13-17 2013



The first day of this week-long workshop is a public seminar.  This will comprise a series of keynote presentations and a Q&A session.  It is free to attend and open to all those with an interest in the issue.  

Day One (Monday 13th May – Public seminar).

Start 10am

1. Welcome and background to the workshop. Workshop Convener: Mark Peter Simmonds – 5 mins

2. An Introduction to the work of the International Whaling Commission on environmental issues. Simon Brockington, Executive Secretary, International Whaling Commission -15 mins

3. Marine Debris in our oceans – an overview. Nancy Wallace, Marine Debris Programme Director and Division Chief, US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – 45 mins – to include questions

11.05 am Coffee break (25 mins)

4.  Whale entanglement: detection and impacts. Michael Moore, Director Marine Mammal Center, Woodshole Oceanographic Institute – 45 mins – to include questions

5. Whale entanglement: scope and response. David Mattila, International Whaling Commission – 45 mins – to include questions

1 pm Lunch break (1.5 hours) [lunch will not be provided but there is a café nearby]

6. Microplastics– Cristina Fossi, University of Siena – 45 minutes- to include questions

7. Closing the loop: Repackaging plastic debris as a hazardous substance. Mark Browne, NCEAS, University of California – 45 minutes – to include questions

4 pm Afternoon tea (30 mins)

8. Questions Arising – Mark Peter Simmonds and Sarah Baulch, Environmental Investigation Agency -30 mins

9. Seminar Concluding Discussion - 30 mins     

Seminar Close: 5.30pm.

The seminar will take place in Clark Lab 507 at the WHOI Quissett Campus.  The room is on the 5th (top) floor of the lab.  Click here for a map.

If you have any enquiries about the public seminar please contact kate.wilson@iwc.int.

For more information about the week-long Marine Debris workshop (days 2-5 by invitation only) please click here.

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