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Can the same person submit more than one proposal, either as principal investigator or as an investigator/partner? 

There is no rule as to how many project proposals can be submitted by one person. However, given the limited amount of funding currently available and the expected high number of projects proposed, it seems likely that the Review Group will decide to incorporate geographical spread as one of the criteria for projects that have the required scientific quality.

Key Stakeholders: please explain what is being sought here.

We are seeking evidence that the project is practical conservation research by showing reference to co-operation with relevant interested authorities/experts/NGOs at a local, regional or  international level, as appropriate. ‘Stakeholders’ are not meant to be simply theoretically interested authorities/experts/NGOs. Rather, proponents should try to list those that will actually benefit from the project because either they are already interested in its outputs or will be able to continue relevant work in the future. ‘Stakeholders’ are meant to be interested authorities/experts/NGOs that officially support the project proposal – either morally or financially – but are not included as partners.

Description of the project: does the 2500 word limit include references? 

You can exclude references from the 2500 word limit and you must use references only where they are directly relevant.

Proposal details: please explain the difference between 'scientific methodology and approach' and 'programme and plan of research.'

The first represents details of the practical scientific and analytical methods (‘how’), the second refers to the practical programme for collection and analyses of data (‘where’, ‘when’ and ‘who’ along with an associated timeline).

Will a proposal be considered if the funding amount requested from IWC is only part of the overall project budget?

Proposals that include collaborative/joint/matching funds are encouraged and will be considered, however, the additional source(s) of funding must be in place or committed prior to IWC contract signing and release of funds from IWC.

Will multiple-year projects be considered?

Yes, multiple-year projects are acceptable, noting again that projects cannot commence until January 2022 at the earliest, given the funding and approval procedures detailed herein and on the IWC website.