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64th Annual Meeting of the International Whaling Commission

Viernes 8 Junio 2012 to Viernes 6 Julio 2012


IWC 64 Documents

Please click here for documents relating to IWC 64.




Press Releases:
Press releases for IWC64 can be viewed here


The 64th Annual Meeting of the International Whaling Commission and the associated meetings of its Scientific Committee and other sub-groups will take place in Panama City, Panama from 11 June – 6 July 2012.

The venue for the meetings will be the El Panama Hotel and Convention Centre:


The timetable for the meetings is provided below.  The Scientific Committee will meet from 11-23 June and is currently scheduled to be preceded by one pre-meeting on Marine Renewable Energy Developments and Cetaceans.  The full set of Commission sub-groups will meet from 25-28 June, and the Commission plenary will take place 2-6 July. Further details relating to hotel booking, delegation offices and document submission will appear here in due course.


Visa Requirements

The Government of Panama has kindly supplied the following information on visa entry requirements:

The Secretariat is currently establishing contact with the Government of the USA to obtain visa information for IWC/64 delegates wishing to travel to Panama via the USA. These travellers may need to apply for a visa waiver via the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) provided by the Department of Homeland Security.



1 Fri 08 June Set-up
(and pre-meeting on Marine Renewable Energy Developments & Cetaceans)
2 Sat 09 June
3 Sun 10 June
4 Mon 11 June Scientific Committee Opening Plenary Reading
5 Tue 12 June Sub-committee introductions Reading
6 Wed 13 June

Scientific Committee
(11 days)



16 Sat 23 June
17 Sun 24 June Scientific Committee Convenors Meeting & Delegate registration for IWC64
18 Mon 25 June WKM&AWI INF BSC
19 Tue 26 June CC
20 Weds 27 June ASW OBS
21 Thur 28 June F&A
22 Fri 29 June Committee Report Preparation
23 Sat 30 June Committee Report Translation
24 Sun 01 July Private meeting of Commissioners
25 Mon 02 July

64th Annual Commission Meeting
(5 days)

29 Fri 06 July



INF Infractions Sub-committee
WKM&AWI Working Group on Whale Killing Methods and Associated Welfare Issues
ASW Aboriginal Subsistence Whaling Sub-committee
CC Conservation Committee
BSC Budgetary Sub-committee (not open to GO/IGO/NGO observers)
F&A Finance and Administration Committee (not open to GO/IGO/NGO observers)
OBS Working Group to consider the role of observers at meetings of the Commission