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Latest entanglement response apprenticeships
successfully completed in Provincetown

In October, four Brazilian trainees became the latest to complete apprenticeships under the Global Whale Entanglement Response Network GWERN.

The apprenticeship scheme is one component of a successful and long-running partnership between the IWC and the Center for Coastal Studies (CCS), Provincetown. Established in 2011, this capacity building partnership combines the international reach of the IWC with CCS’ expertise as globally respected pioneers of entanglement response techniques and practices.

Disentangling whales is challenging and difficult, and often involves complex entanglements and large animals in distress. Boat handling, navigation, and communication skills as well as an understanding of sea and weather conditions and navigation are required to allow for informed decision-making.

GWERN has delivered entanglement response training to more than 1300 participants from more than 40 countries and the apprenticeships offer more advanced training, designed for people leading response teams and networks.

During this apprenticeship, the trainees were able to assist in a real incident as the CCS team were called to reports of an entanglement humpback whale calf.

As well as in-depth practical training on the water, apprenticeships cover a diverse range of topics, from effective organisation of response networks to photo permit schemes and the importance of public awareness.

The four apprentices were from the Brazilian government agencies and non-governmental organisations including the Instituto Chico Mendes de Conservação da BiodiversidadeInstituto Argonauta para Conservação Costeira e Marinha, and VIVA Instituto Verde Azul.

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