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Journal of Cetacean Research and Management moves online

The long-running IWC publication, the Journal of Cetacean Research and Management (JCRM), including its special issues and supplements is now available to download for free.  Electronic and print versions of volume 13 will be produced before the journal moves to being a solely online free access Journal next year.

The IWC has a long history of publication.  Over 1700 scientific papers have been published by the IWC since the 1950s.  JCRM was launched in 1999 to replace the scientific component of the Reports of the International Whaling Commission (RIWC) which is now also online with the aim of publishing original and quality papers that advance scientific knowledge and contribute to the conservation and management of cetacean species. An important feature of the Journal is that it encourages submissions from scientists worldwide including those for whom English is not their first language and from developing countries.

JCRM is, of course, peer reviewed and has been supported by over 200 referees whose scrutiny has helped build the reputation and circulation of the journal.  It has been described by Dr Ian Stirling, Book Review Editor of Marine Mammal Science, as a publication that ‘should be held in libraries wherever research, management or policies of any sort are developed on whales...’

The move to electronic publication will not only increase accessibility to the journal, it will also save on printing costs and reduce the carbon footprint.

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