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JCRM relaunch - a long-standing journal for today’s digital age

The IWC’s Journal of Cetacean Research and Management (JCRM) is formally relaunched today.  Coinciding with the 75th anniversary of the IWC, the comprehensive update includes new layouts, increased visibility, and more user-friendly processes for submission and review.

JCRM is a peer-reviewed journal, publishing scientific papers on a wide range of issues related to cetacean research.  Every year a  supplement to the Journal is also produced, recording the discussions and recommendations of the IWC’s Scientific Committee, as well as related workshop reports.  This supplement report is submitted to the IWC for consideration at its biennial meeting, and is key to formulating the Commission’s work plan and informing their decisions.

The Editorial Board of JCRM are members of the IWC Scientific Committee and leading global figures in a range of cetacean research fields.  The journal is edited by the IWC Secretariat’s Head of Science, Conservation and Management. 

The first set of updates focus on layout.  The vast majority of readers now access JCRM digitally and a new layout has been designed to maximise clarity and ease of use on-screen.

Another key priority for the Editorial Board is increased visibility. The journal is housed on a new website that makes it much easier to find and access specific papers.  A digital repository known as LOCKSS is now used to ‘future-proof’ articles, ensuring every paper published is conserved independently of either JCRM or the IWC.  Visibility is also much improved with the introduction of Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) which increase discoverability of papers published in JCRM, and acceptance in the Directory of Open Access Journals.

Increased visibility and accessibility builds measurable impact which will benefit authors as well as readers.  Authors also benefit from updated software that makes the submission process quicker and more intuitive, and another important change is a new process of editorial review.  Papers are now published as soon as they become available. Collectively, all these developments should ensure that the time from submission to publication, and the steps involved, are greatly reduced.

As the IWC celebrates an evolutionary journey of 75 years, and JCRM celebrates twenty years in print with a digitally-focused relaunch, it’s hoped that both are very much fit for purpose and ready to  face whatever challenges lie ahead. 

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