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Verbatim Records

Verbatim Records are available for Commission plenary sessions only. 

Grouped by Year
2014 (IWC65)
2012 (IWC64)
2011 (IWC63)
2010 (IWC62)
2009 (IWC61)
2008 (IWC60)
2007 (IWC59)
2006 (IWC58)
2005 (IWC57)
2004 (IWC56)
2003 (IWC55)
2002 (IWC54)
2002 sp
2001 (IWC53)
1946 - 2000

The file contained are MP3s which are compressed versions of the original audio. If you wish to have a copy of the original recordings please contact 

Due to the technical nature of audio recording, 100% coverage cannot be guaranteed. In a small number of instances audio may be in the incorrect launguage or missing.