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State of the Cetacean Environment Report - details and reports to download

SOCER – State of the Cetacean Environment Report

The objective of SOCER is to provide Commissioners (in response to Resolution 2000-7), members of the Scientific Committee and other interested parties with a non-technical periodic summary of  events, developments and conditions in the marine environment that are relevant to cetaceans. Such developments might range from unusual mortalities to new legislation protecting marine habitats. The information provided is based exclusively on published scientific papers and other authoritative reports.

SOCER is compiled on an annual basis, with pre-selected regions to be treated each year. These regions include: Mediterranean and Black Seas; North and South Atlantic; North and South Pacific; Indian Ocean; Arctic; Southern Ocean. Each report also contains a brief Global section along with a glossary of technical terms and species names. Past reports are available to download below.

Year Region File
2003 Atlantic Ocean, Black Sea and Mediterranean SOCER2003.pdf
2004 North and South Pacific SOCER2004.pdf
2005 Arctic and Southern Ocean SOCER2005.pdf
2006 Indian Ocean SOCER2006.pdf
2007 Black Sea and Mediterranean SOCER2007.pdf
2008 Atlantic Ocean SOCER2008.pdf
2009 North and South Pacific SOCER2009.pdf
2010 Arctic Ocean SOCER2010.pdf
2011 Antarctic (Southern) Ocean SOCER2011.pdf
2012 Indian Ocean SC-64-E2-Final.pdf
2013 Mediterranean and Black Sea SC-65a-E01.pdf
2014 North and South Atlantic Ocean SC/65b/E01 Rev1
2015 Pacific Ocean SC/66a/E03 rev1




Polar Seas (Arctic/Southern Ocean)


Indian Ocean

SC/66b/E02 rev1


SC/67a/E05 rev1

The report, whilst adopted by the Scientific Committee, is largely the work of the following editors, who should be contacted directly if you have any questions or comments.


Michael Stachowitsch
Dept. of Limnology and Bio-Oceanography
University of Vienna
Althanstrasse 14, A-1090
Naomi Rose

Animal Welfare Institute

900 Pennsylvania Avenue, S.E.


D.C. 20031


Chris Parsons
Department of Environmental Science and Policy
George Mason University
VA 22030
Email: Email: Email: