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Monday 25th April 2022 to Friday 13th May 2022


Delegates for the SC68D Scientific Committee online meeting to be held 25 April – 13 May must register in the first instance online here: https://forms.office.com/r/HPM1B8qgEV (a simple sign-in procedure is required). Only those who have an approved registration will gain access to the meeting online resources. 
SC members are urged to register as soon as possible in order to receive notifications of intersessional meetings and other SC meeting information. For technical assistance with the online registration process please contact it.support@iwc.int. For general enquires on meeting attendance, please contact secretariat@iwc.int.

Meeting documents 

Paper submission for Intersessional Meetings: Deadlines for papers to be discussed at intersessional meetings will be at the discretion of the relevant convenor (please see convenor list below). Please send papers to the convenor for approval and subsequent circulation to the sub-group members. Lengthier and more technical papers need to be made available far enough in advance that there is adequate time for review. 
Paper submission for SC meeting: Papers not discussed during intersessional meetings must be submitted by 11 April 2022. Only in exceptional circumstances and with permission from the relevant convenor and the SC Chair may papers be submitted after that date. 
Abundance Estimates: Papers with new abundance estimates that require review during the SC meeting should be submitted one month prior to the meeting - by 25 March 2022. Please contact Geof Givens (geof@geofgivens.com) or Leslie New (lnew@ursinus.edu) if you plan to submit new abundance estimates. 
Primary Papers:  Please submit these papers (i.e., those not previously published, in press or submitted to other fora) online via this link. Document numbers will be assigned by the Secretariat. For help with the submission of papers, please contact documents@iwc.int. All papers must be of strict relevance to the topics identified in the draft agenda for the meeting. Papers deemed not relevant by the relevant convener in consultation with the Chair will not be accepted. 
For-Info Papers: If you have a paper that you believe is particularly relevant which has been previously published, is in press or has been submitted to other fora,  please send to convenors@iwc.int, stating which sub-committee(s) the paper is intended for.  It is your responsibility to ensure that any permissions from the publishers for making these papers available to the meeting participants are met. Please supply a freely accessible web address and/or full reference details for these documents (including a DOI number/web access URL), and indicate who will speak to the paper at the meeting if required to do so. For-Info papers do not form part of the official document archive of the meeting but may be referenced in the report of the meeting. 
The Report of the 2021 SC68C virtual meeting is available at present on the IWC archive and will be published in April 2022 in the Journal of Cetacean Research and Management, Supplement 23. 
Copies of all Primary meeting papers not needed for intersessional meetings, will be freely available for download online from the meeting SharePoint site (open only to those who have registered and been approved). All Primary papers will be archived publicly in the IWC archive at the close of the meeting. 
During the meeting, draft reports and working papers will be circulated to participants only. Please note that only working papers included in the final agreed Report of the meeting will form part of the official meeting record. 
Any papers presented to the SC must not be shared externally until the final SC Report is made public, two weeks after the meeting concludes.


All audio/visual presentations need to be approved by the relevant convenors and notified to the IWC AV team.


The following pre-meetings have been planned:

  • ASI/ASG – 19-22 April - open to SC - please register here
  • SM – end of March tbc – by invitation only

Further details and any additional pre-meetings arising will be notified in due course.

Other information 

All of the Commission’s publications (including published meeting reports) and archived papers from recent past meetings, are available here. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact the Secretariat archive team.