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After five busy, unpredictable and rewarding years, Dr Rebecca Lent has decided to stand down as Executive Secretary in 2023.  The Commission is therefore recruiting for Dr Lent’s successor.

The Executive Secretary leads the IWC Secretariat and is responsible for overseeing and facilitating a wide range of global science and conservation initiatives including on bycatch, entanglement, marine pollution, climate change, vessel collisions, cetacean strandings and regulation of aboriginal subsistence whaling.

As one of the IWC’s figureheads, this role is responsible for building and maintaining multi-disciplinary collaborations on a global stage.  The Executive Secretary co-ordinates the interests of all IWC member governments with impartiality and is responsible for development and delivery of the Commission’s budget and organisation of meetings as well as the smooth running of the Secretariat.

For more information and to apply for the post, please see the IWC vacancies page.