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The IWC welcomes enquiries from the media.  As the international, inter-governmental organisation with responsibility for conservation of whales and management of whaling since 1946, we hold a significant amount of information which we are happy to share.



IWC News

Nineteen cetacean species recorded by the latest IWC-POWER Research Cruise in the eastern North Pacific

9 Jun 2014

The results of the most recent IWC-POWER Research Cruise have been reported and endorsed at the IWC Scientific Committee Meeting in Bled, Slovenia.  

Workshop: Collisions Between Marine Mammals and Ships, 18-20 June, 2014

5 Jun 2014

This month, Panama will host the last in a series of three workshops addressing human impacts on marine mammals in the wider Caribbean region.  This workshop addresses collisions, known as ‘ship strikes,’ a problem for vessels and shipping as well as marine life.  Representatives from government, science and academia, the shipping and boating industries and environmental organisations will meet to review existing information and knowledge gaps, and assess mitigation measures.


Successful release of entangled gray whale calf by newly trained Mexican response team

1 May 2014

A recent training in the San Ignacio Lagoon, Mexico, has resulted in the professional and successful release of an entangled gray whale calf by a newly trained team at the San Ignacio Lagoon. The Government of Mexico and the IWC have worked closely together for the past two years, building entanglement response capacity along the extensive coastline.


The whale entanglement response network extends to the Dominican Republic

16 Apr 2014

The latest IWC entanglement response network training concluded successfully on 4 April, 2014.  The two-day event was the first in the Dominican Republic, whose waters are the primary breeding ground for the majority of North Atlantic humpback whales during the winter.  

IWC report published on stranded cetaceans – Euthanasia Protocols to Optimize Welfare Concerns

3 Apr 2014

Experts from eleven countries have collaborated to assess and inform guidelines on stranded cetacean euthanasia.   Live stranding of large cetaceans is an increasing problem for coastal states.  Rescue is of course the ideal outcome but in reality, the prognosis is bleak when a large whale strands.  In most cases, successful re-floatation is impossible and euthanasia is the best outcome for the welfare of a suffering animal. To read the report click here.