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Media accreditation for IWC Commission meetings

The IWC welcomes media interest.  An accreditation process is in operation for media wishing to attend Commission plenary meetings.   

Please apply for media accreditation ahead of the meeting and as early as possible

Accreditation is for the duration of one meeting although every effort will be made to streamline the re-accreditation process for those attending more than one meeting.

If you would like to apply for media accreditation please complete the registration process here.

If you have not previously obtained media accreditation for an IWC Commission meeting, we will not be able to be accept your meeting registration until you have also provided:

  • a letter of assignment, on the official letterhead of a media organisation, signed by the Publisher, Editor or Bureau Chief, and containing that person’s contact information.  This letter should specify the name and functional title of the journalist.
  • a photocopy of a valid press card or equivalent form of professional ID.
These should be e-mailed to

On receipt of this paperwork and if further verification is required by the Secretariat, we may also request that:

  • Print media submit a recent issue of the publication they represent containing a by-lined article in their own name.
  • Photographers submit original tear sheets or photos with their credit.
  • Radio and TV media submit a recording of a recently broadcast report.
  • Freelance journalists and photographers, and independent film production companies provide a letter of assignment signed by the appropriate commissioning editor.
  • Online media demonstrate that their website belongs to a recognised news organisation, with a verifiable postal address, at least 60% original news content, updated at least weekly.

Please note:

If you have not obtained accreditation and registered for the meeting before arriving at the venue, your entry will be delayed and we may be forced to refuse accreditation if paperwork is incomplete or further enquiries are necessary and cannot be completed quickly.

Media accreditation will not be accorded to the information outlets of non-governmental organisations, newsletters, internal publications, federations or associations.

Double accreditation will not be possible (e.g. media + NGO)

The IWC Secretariat reserves the right to withdraw accreditation in the event that the Code of Conduct for IWC meetings is considered to have been breached.

The decision of the IWC Secretary is final.