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The IWC welcomes enquiries from the media.  As the international, inter-governmental organisation with responsibility for conservation of whales and management of whaling since 1946, we hold a significant amount of information which we are happy to share.



Latest News

Indian Ocean's whale watching aims for gold standard in sustainability 

5 Mar 2020

Whale watching best practice in Sri Lanka and a spotlight on the Sultanate of Oman are amongst the highlights of a news round-up from the Sustainable Whale and Dolphin Tourism Network of the Indian Ocean Rim Ocean (IORA).  

Workshop: status of the Franciscana dolphin

18 Feb 2020

25 scientists from three countries have successfully completed a workshop preparing for a new assessment of the status of South America’s Franciscana dolphin. 

Review of the IWC’s Pacific Ocean Whale and Ecosystem Research Programme (IWC-POWER)

15 Jan 2020

Cetacean scientists are meeting in Tokyo to discuss the IWC-POWER research cruise programme.

New Tagging Guidelines to protect whales and their observers

18 Dec 2019

New guidelines on cetacean tagging are published today in the IWC’s Journal of Cetacean Research and Management (JCRM).  Satellite tags are a particularly useful tool for studying cetaceans because whales spend most of their time under water, often in the most remote regions of the planet.  The first successful tagging of a whale was in the 1930s.  Today, cetacean-specific tags are commercially available and widely used to collect information on physiology, behaviour and ecology.

Next steps in work to understand and mitigate the threat to cetaceans from marine debris

2 Dec 2019

The IWC is hosting the next workshop in a series aiming to understand and address the threat to cetaceans from marine debris. 

Guiana dolphin workshop gets underway in Brazil

26 Nov 2019

Experts from seven countries are gathering in Santos, Brazil, for a workshop on the Guiana dolphin.