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Contacting the IWC Secretariat

The IWC has a small Secretariat whose function is to administer the Commission and implement its programme of management, research and conservation.  Unfortunately, the Secretariat does not have the capacity to answer the hundreds of e-mails and letters we receive each week. 

For this reason, we work hard to ensure that the information on our website is comprehensive and up to date.  In addition to our regular website pages, we have compiled some frequently asked questions and current topics of interest.  Please make use of these information sources and be aware that staff may not always be able to respond to individual requests for additional information.  If you cannot find any information on your topic, you will be directed to a contact form and, time permitting, we will try to answer directly.



I am very interested in cetaceans.  How can I join the IWC Secretariat?

Thank you for your interest in the IWC.  The Secretariat is small and vacancies do not arise often.  For this reason we do not encourage people to send speculative applications or CVs.  When vacancies do arise, they are posted on the front page of this website. For information on careers in marine mammal science, try looking at the website of the Society for Marine Mammalogy ( 

Can I apply for an internship/undertake voluntary work with the IWC?

Whilst your interest in the IWC is welcome, we are a small Secretariat and unfortunately unable to facilitate internships or voluntary placements. 

I am currently studying whales and whaling.  Can I send you questions or conduct an interview?

We are always delighted to hear that students are interested in the IWC, but limited resources mean we are unable to assist on an individual basis.  For this reason, we work hard to ensure that the information on our website is comprehensive and up-to-date. 

I want to express my opinions on a cetacean hunt and I would like to know why the IWC allows this to happen.

The IWC Secretariat does not determine the policies of the IWC or its member nations.  This is done by the 88 member governments who agree policy by consensus or vote at biennial meetings.  To voice your opinion effectively, you should contact either your country’s IWC Commissioner, or the Commissioner of the country conducting the hunt. The IWC manages large whale hunting by its members. Small cetacean hunts are the responsibility of individual governments.  

How do I contact an IWC Commissioner?

A full and current list of IWC Commissioners can be found here.  This page includes a link to contact details.


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